James Castrello
James Castrello
Title: Athletic Trainer
Phone: 617-715-5230
Email: jamesjc@mit.edu
Year: 1st at MIT

James Castrello became a full-time member of the MIT SportsMedicine staff in August 2013 after providing part-time assistanceto the department for two years. He coordinates and oversees themedical care for the Engineers’ women’s basketball,openweight crew, women’s lacrosse, men’s soccer, andoutdoor track and field teams.

In conjunction with his arrival at MIT in 2011, Castrello was anathletic trainer at Sports and Physical Therapy Associates for twoyears where he coordinated the rehabilitation services for avariety of patients that spanned varsity athletes to the elderly.From 2009-12, he worked at Northeastern University first as agraduate assistant athletic trainer and then served as a part-timemember of the staff. With the Huskies, Castrello provided coverageduring football preseason and fall baseball in addition to caringfor the women’s basketball, field hockey, and track and fieldteams.

A 2009 graduate of the University of Southern Maine, Castrelloreceived a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training. He wenton to receive a Master’s in Applied Nutrition with aconcentration in Sport and Performance from Northeastern in 2011.Castrello holds certifications from the National AthleticTrainers’ Association and the National Strength andConditioning Association.