Coed Sailing Competes in Midweek Fly Regatta

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – The nationally-ranked No. 12 MIT coed sailing team captured third and 13th place at its own Midweek Fly Regatta on Tuesday. Northeastern, which had seven entries in the competition, claimed the top two spots.

Freshmen Kyle Joba-Woodruff (Montreal, Quebec) and Sophie Goemans (Lexington, Mass.) were the third-place boat for the Engineers as they claimed third place in three rotations, fourth in the third race, and seventh in the fourth round. Fellow rookies Jorlyn Le Garrec (Pittsburgh, Pa.) and Megan McKnelly (Camarillo, Calif.) collaborated for the Cardinal and Gray's 13th-place ranking. The duo was 10th in the second outing, finished 12th in the opening race, recorded 13th-place performances in the last two rounds, and claimed the 15th slot in the third rotation.

This weekend, MIT will host the Oberg Trophy in addition to traveling to the Women's President's Trophy at Boston University as well as the Owen, Mosbacher, and Knapp Trophy at Yale.