2017-18 MIT Sailing Schedule

Date Teams/Event Time Score Links
Sat. 9 vs. (C) Lark Invitational - Central Series I @ Tufts University Final 2nd of 9
Sun. 10 (W) Toni Deutsch Trophy Final 4th of 16
  vs. (C) Harry Anderson Trophy @ Yale University Final 4th of 16
  vs. (C) Penobscot Bay Open @ Maine Marine Academy Final 13th of 15
  vs. (C) Phillip Harman Cup @ Maine Marine Academy Final 6th of 8
  vs. (C) FJ Invitational @ Harvard University Final 3rd of 10
Sat. 16 vs. (C) Central Series 2 @ Boston College Final 1st of 17
Sun. 17 (C) Hatch Brown Trophy Final 5th of 20
  vs. (W) Stu Nelson Trophy @ Connecticut College Final 11th of 18
Sun. 24 vs. (C) St. Mary's Fall Intersectional @ St. Mary's College of Maryland Final 7th of 18
  vs. (C) Hood Trophy @ Tufts University Final 7th of 20
  vs. (W) Amanda Trophy @ Roger Williams University Final 4th of 14
Sat. 30 at (C) Harvard Invitational Final 3rd of 9
Sun. 1 (C) Smith Trophy Final 5th of 18
  vs. (C) Danmark Trophy @ Coast Guard Final 2nd of 20
  vs. (W) Regis Bowl @ Boston University Final 2nd of 16
Sun. 8 vs. (C) Moody Trophy @ University of Rhode Island Final 14th of 18
Sun. 15 (C) New England Match Race Championship Final 5th of 8
  vs. (C) Captain Hurst Bowl @ Dartmouth College Final 5th of 18
  vs. (W) Yale Women's Intersectional @ Yale University Final 16th of 18
Thu. 19 Midweek Firefly Final 5th, 9th, 10th, 13th, 14th of 14
Sun. 22 (C) Oberg Trophy Final 12th of 18
  vs. (C) Hoyt Trophy @ Brown University Final 8th of 18
  vs. (C) Central Series 6 @ Boston College Final 11th of 16
  vs. (W) Mrs. Hurst Bowl @ Dartmouth College Final 14th of 16
Sun. 29 (C) Schell Trophy Final 1st of 18
  New England Coed Championship
  vs. (W) Victorian Coffee Urn @ Harvard University Final 6th of 16
  New England Women's Championship
  vs. (C) Nickerson Trophy @ Tufts University Final 10th of 18
  New England Freshman Championship
Sat. 4 vs. (C) Horn Trophy @ Harvard University Final 5th of 6
  vs. (C) Professor No Ringer @ Boston University Final No Results Available
Sun. 5 (C) Crews Regatta Final 7th of 14
Sun. 12 vs. (C) Coed Atlantic Coast Championship @ SUNY Maritime Final 3rd of 18
  vs. (W) Women's Atlantic Coast Championship @ Connecticut College Final 7th of 18
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