Men's Heavyweight Crew

Tech Heavies Finish Second at Compton Cup

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – For the second year in a row the MIT men's varsity heavyweight crew finished second to Harvard University in the Compton Cup. Unlike last year's race, which was rowed on placid Lake Carnegie in beautiful weather, this year's edition took place in typical early spring conditions in Boston: cold, rainy, and windy.

At the half-way mark, Harvard led Princeton University by several seats, and both crews had opened a substantial lead over the Engineers. Under the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge, Princeton's stroke man caught his hand in the rudder cable, which broke the rudder mechanism and caused his boat to veer into Harvard's stern. The bow of Princeton's boat snapped off, and the shell came to a rest diagonally to the course, in MIT's lane. MIT's varsity coxswain, Rishi Dixit, steered calmly around the Princeton boat and chased Harvard to the finish line. The Cardinal and Gray finished with a time of 6:19 as Harvard crossed the line in 5:53.

Said MIT coach Tony Kilbridge: "We make our best moves when the other crew isn't rowing. Next year we would like Harvard to stop rowing also."