Men's Heavyweight Crew

MIT Heavyweight Crew Hosts Harvard and Princeton

MIT Heavyweight Crew Hosts Harvard and Princeton

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – On a sunny Saturday morning on the Charles River, the MIT heavyweight crew team hosted Harvard University and Princeton University. Tech entered just two Varsity 8 crews in the 2,000m race, while the Crimson and the Tigers entered an additional two Varsity 8 boats in the event.

In the first Varsity 8 race, the Engineers completed the course with a time of 6:45.4. Harvard was first in 6:09.0, narrowly outracing Princeton with its 6:10.1. In the second Varsity 8, Harvard, once again, finished just a hair ahead of Princeton with their times of 6:19.3 and 6:19.7 respectively. Another Harvard crew was third in 6:30.6 and MIT followed in fourth with its time of 7:09.9.

Next Saturday morning, April 26, the Cardinal and Gray will host the University of Massachusetts and Delaware in a race that will start at 9:25 a.m.

c. Janelle Mansfield
8. Nathan Colgan
7. Alexander Nelson
6. Aaron Baumgarten
5. Trevor Day
4. Matthew Connelly
3. Daniel Dalton
2. Matthew Miklasevich
1. Ben Potash
c. Alexander Feldstein
8. Connor McMahan
7. Erik Pearson
6. Ryan Webb
5. David Ashpole
4. Wickham Egan
3. Connor Popik
2. Matt Hunter
1. James Krasner