Women’s Openweight Crew Kicks off Spring at Beanpot Regatta

Women’s Openweight Crew Kicks off Spring at Beanpot Regatta

CAMRBIDGE, Mass. – The MIT women's openweight crew team returned to action on Saturday, opening the spring portion of its season at the Beanpot Regatta. MIT competed against crews from Boston College, Boston University, Northeaster University and Harvard-Radcliffe. Tech had four boats entered in the regatta, two Varsity 8 crews and a pair of Varsity 4 boats.

The first eight took fourth place in its event, coming through just a seat behind the third-place Northeastern crew, with a time of 6:38.9. The Engineers were right there with Northeastern for the entire length of the course and finished nearly 16 seconds ahead of Boston College in the race.

In the second Varsity 8, MIT finished fifth with a time of 7:08.2. The first of the two Varsity 4 crews finished fifth in its race with a time of 8:05.4 while Tech's second four placed third of four boats in 8:01.0.

Harvard-Radcliffe took first in four of the six races, including both Varsity 8 events and the Varsity 4 "B" heat.

Coach Holly Metcalf was encouraged by her squad's performance so early in the spring season, "A five-boat race against such challenging competition is an exciting way to kick off the season. All of the crews that share the Charles River with us are consistently fast every year, so being in the mix with them gives us a nice benchmark to gauge where we are right now."

"Next week is our spring break training," Metcalf continued, "and we plan to put in some hard work to prepare for the rest of the season."

MIT will travel to Washington, D.C. for its next event, the George Washington Invitational in two week on April 6 and 7.

Boat Lineups

Women's Openweight – 1st Varsity 8

Coxswain      Grace Lin
8 Catherine Crowley
7 Allison Simi
6 Erin Meyer
5 Rebecca Heywood
4 Andrea Howell
3 Rebecca Taylor
2 Tess Saxton-Fox
1 Jean Sack

Women's Openweight – 2nd Varsity 8

Coxswain      Michelle Victora
8 Rebecca Fuhlbrigge
7 Cliodhna McCarthy
6 Brianna Woeckener
5 Betsy Soukup
4 Rebecca Jackson
3 Morgan Houston
2 Elizabeth Shanahan
1 Samantha Hartzell

Women's Openweight – Varsity 4 "A"


Jessica Haskins

4 Joanie Weaver
3 Rachel Clary
2 Carolyn Holz
1 Alycia Gardner

Women's Openweight – Varsity 4 "B"


Joanna So

4 Alice Huang
3 Annie LaBine
2 Madeleine Mott
1 Amy Taylor