Novices Take On The Dartmouth Green Monster

Novices Take On The Dartmouth Green Monster

Nov. 3, 2007

HANOVER, N.H. - Eight walk-on rowers and one experienced coxswain enjoyed their first race last Saturday at the Dartmouth Green Monster freshman invitational regatta. Though chilly, the weather was much better suited to rowing than back home on the Charles, where a powerful Nor'easter kept everyone indoors.

The women's race boasted 19 entries, including crews from Boston University, Northeastern, Radcliffe, UMass and Vermont, as well as MIT and host Dartmouth. The Engineers had a clean row, neither passing nor being passed in the three-mile head race. In the end, their time of 16:57 earned them ninth place, only five seconds behind sixth place, and less than one minute behind the winning crew from Dartmouth.

Coxswain Fiona Hughes said, "It was so great to finally get to race; our stroke rate was a little high and we didn't get to pass anyone, but the set was good and we stayed ahead of all the crews who started after us."

Novice coach Aaron Benson thought that it was a good showing for the crew's first race. "We already knew that we're faster than the last two years, and today we proved it," he said. "Not only did we have a better time in similar conditions, but we were much closer to the winner than ever before."

Next weekend the novices will travel to Princeton to race in the Belly of the Carnegie for the first time, and the following weekend the fall season concludes at home with the Foot of the Charles.

1 Dartmouth 16:07.0
2 Radcliffe Open A 16:27.0
3 Northeastern A 16:29.0
4 Radcliffe Open B 16:31.0
5 UVM A 16:36.0
6 BU A 16:52.0
7 UMass A 16:53.0
8 UMass B 16:55.0
9 MIT Open 16:57.0
10 Radcliffe Lwt B 17:16.0
11 BU B 17:19.0
12 Northeastern B 17:24.0
13 Radcliffe Lwt A 17:34.0
14 UVM B 18:01.0
15 Northeastern C 18:24.0
16 MIT Lwt A 18:37.0
17 MIT Lwt B 18:41.0
18 UMass C 19:09.0
19 UMass D 20:09.0

Novice Eight
C - Fiona Hughes
8 - Lyndz Steeves
7 - Keri Dixon
6 - Becca Oman
5 - Gwen Johnson
4 - Lauren Rodda
3 - Sarah Gomez
2 - Sarah McDermott
1 - Jenna Sternberg