Varsity Four Wins in Worcester

Varsity Four Wins in Worcester

April 20, 2008

WORCESTER, Mass. - The openweight and lightweight crews took a short drive to Worcester on Sunday to compete against Holy Cross and Trinity. It was a beautiful day on Lake Quinsigamond, with a slight tail-breeze. The Engineers fell just short in the varsity eight while the varsity four powered to victory behind a strong start.

Immediately upon arriving, the varsity eight prepared to compete in the first race of the day. Having had success at the start the past two weekends, Tech hoped once again to jump to an early lead. Trinity proved quicker off the line, however, and Holy Cross also managed to pull ahead of the Engineers by a couple seats in the first 500 meters. The positions didn't change over the course of the middle 1000, and MIT entered the sprint down about half a length on Holy Cross, with Trinity in the lead. They fought back, but couldn't make up all of the margin, and finished with a time of 6:58, only three seconds behind Holy Cross and eleven from Trinity.

Just over an hour later, the varsity four lined up against the same opponents as well as a Tech lightweight four. This crew had not yet demonstrated the same early speed as the eight, but surprised everyone with a very powerful first 500. The Engineers pulled ahead of Holy Cross by about two seats, with Trinity and the lightweight four trailing. Over the remainder of the course the Holy Cross crew couldn't hold pace, but Trinity surged to take its place and challenge for the win. In the end, MIT crossed the line first, with Trinity, Holy Cross, and the lightweight four behind by 1.3 seconds, 8.4 seconds, and 36.4 seconds, respectively.

The varsity lightweight eight also showed good speed, beating the second varsity crews from Trinity and Holy Cross by open water. The novice lightweight eight took second place in its race, behind Holy Cross and ahead of Trinity.

Coach Metcalf remarked, "I love the heart in this team - it's a scrappy, fighting group, and that came out in both the eight and the four races." She added, "I'm very pleased that the four found victory, especially for the sake of the seniors in that crew who've given so much to this program."

Senior co-captain Katya Jarrell was particularly excited about winning in the four. "It was a really good race. I felt that the whole boat was in the race together from start to finish. Having crews push us all the way down the course was a great challenge. We put our trust in our coxswain, and she made sure that we were able to hold off a late surge from Trinity."

Next weekend the crew will have another close-to-home race, versus the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, R.I.

Varsity Eight
C - Erin Fitzgerald
8 - Alice Ainsworth
7 - Melodie Kao
6 - Jane Wolcott
5 - Corinne Vannatta
4 - Gwen Johnson
3 - Stephanie Flavin
2 - Genevieve Russo
1 - Inessa Liskovich

Varsity Four
C - Vicky Hsu
4 - Jenna Sternberg
3 - Katya Jarrell
2 - Sarah McDermott
1 - Erika Cerda