2013 MIT Women's Soccer Roster

No. Name Pos. Cl. Ht. Hometown/High School Major
Hannah Zlotnick full bio 0 Hannah Zlotnick GK Fr. 5-7 Rochester, N.Y. / Irondequoit Biological Engineering
Emilee Johnson full bio 1 Emilee Johnson GK Jr. 5-9 O'Fallon, Mo. / Fort Zumwalt West Mechanical Engineering
Michaelann Rodriguez full bio 2 Michaelann Rodriguez F Sr. 5-2 Florence, Ala. / Florence Chemical Engineering
Morgan Moroi full bio 3 Morgan Moroi F So. 5-6 New Albany, Ohio / New Albany Mechanical Engineering
Samantha Fleischmann full bio 4 Samantha Fleischmann D Sr. 5-5 Eastchester, N.Y. / Eastchester Management
Elizabeth Porter full bio 6 Elizabeth Porter D Fr. 5-6 Brookfield, Conn. / Brookfield Undecided
Victoria Gregory full bio 7 Victoria Gregory D Fr. 5-8 Syracuse, N.Y. / Manlius Pebble Hill Biological Engineering
Kathleen Chen full bio 8 Kathleen Chen M Fr. 5-6 Chappaqua, N.Y. / Horace Greeley Management
Elena Gianotas full bio 9 Elena Gianotas D Jr. 5-6 Trabuco Canyon, Calif. / Santa Margarita Catholic Mathematics and Management Science
Jessica Ong full bio 10 Jessica Ong F Jr. 5-5 Oklahoma City, Okla. / Westmoore Mechanical Engineering
Priyanka Gaur full bio 11 Priyanka Gaur M So. 5-4 Austin, Tex. / Lake Travis Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Ashley Peter full bio 12 Ashley Peter M Jr. 5-4 Manhasset, N.Y. / Manhasset Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences and Management
Zara Perumal full bio 13 Zara Perumal F So. 5-6 Poway, Calif. / Plumwood Academy Computer Science and Molecular Biology
Kaitlyn Nealon full bio 14 Kaitlyn Nealon D Sr. 5-10 Yorktown Heights, N.Y. / Somers Mechanical Engineering
Amma Okwara full bio 16 Amma Okwara F So. 5-9 Charlotte, N.C. / Charlotte Latin School Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Rachel Dias Carlson full bio 17 Rachel Dias Carlson M Sr. 5-9 Albany, N.Y. / Albany Mechanical Engineering
Anna Zukowski full bio 18 Anna Zukowski D Fr. 5-5 Ridgefield, Conn. / Ridgefield Undecided
Annelise Steele full bio 19 Annelise Steele F Fr. 5-4 Greenwich, Conn. / Dalton Undecided
Ambika Krishnamachar full bio 20 Ambika Krishnamachar F Jr. 5-4 Darien, Conn. / Phillips Academy Computer Science and Engineering
Faith OBrian full bio 21 Faith OBrian M Jr. 5-3 Raleigh, N.C. / Ravenscroft School Biological Engineering
Kiele Miller Oana full bio 22 Kiele Miller Oana M Jr. 5-6 Dallas, Texas / J.J. Pearce Mechanical Engineering
Anjali Krishnamachar full bio 23 Anjali Krishnamachar D Fr. 5-6 Darien, Conn. / Phillips Academy Undecided
Michelle Battipaglia full bio 24 Michelle Battipaglia M Jr. 6-0 Katonah, N.Y. / Somers Management Science and Mathematics
Page Uriarte full bio 25 Page Uriarte D So. 5-5 San Diego, Calif. / San Diego Economics
Suzanne Mueller full bio 27 Suzanne Mueller M Fr. 5-3 McLean, Va. / Thomas Jefferson School of Science and Technology Computer Science
Emily Lydon full bio 29 Emily Lydon D Jr. 5-5 Scituate, Mass. / Thayer Academy Biological Engineering
Lauren Ullmann full bio 30 Lauren Ullmann GK Fr. 5-6 Princeton, N.J. / Princeton Undecided
Jennifer Ibanez full bio 32 Jennifer Ibanez F So. 5-7 West Windsor, N.J. / West Windsor-Plainsboro Biological Engineering
Tamar Weseley full bio 78 Tamar Weseley GK Fr. 5-4 Weston, Conn. / Hopkins Mechanical Engineering